Got a question? Don't worry, you're not alone...

I've never played online before. Where do I begin?

We have a pro player section that gives plenty of information about how to play the game to help you hit the ground running.

Can I try out your poker room without playing for money?

Absolutely. There's no charge for downloading our software or to play. Download our software now to start playing.

OK, I've registered. How do I pick a table?

Our lobby has several views. To begin playing poker, you should click on the tab in the lobby labelled "Tables". In that view, you'll see the games we offer, a list of tables for each game along with the characteristics of each table. To join a table, simply double click on the name of the one that you want. To take a seat at that table, find an available seat and click on it. If there are no available seats, you can put your name down on the waiting list.

How does the waiting list work?

Glad you asked. We've designed our waiting list to allow you to wait for a specific table or any table that matches the criteria of the table you highlighted. You can join a table's waiting list from the Lobby's pull down menu or by clicking the Wait List button on any table.

How do I get more play chips while at a table?

If you need more play chips while seated at a table, click on the chip rack at the top of the table and select the options menu. A window will open showing your available chips that will also allow you to bring more chips to the table. Your chips will be delivered at the end of the current hand.

How do I get more play chips in my account?

You may request more play chips only if you drop below 200 chips. To get some more, go to the Cashier view of the lobby and click on the button labelled "Give Me More Play Money Chips". Your play money account will now be topped off at 1,000 chips.

I believe I was cheated. What do I do?

We take cheating very seriously indeed. If you believe that players at your table were colluding, that is playing together, please let us know immediately using the Manager button. If you'd prefer to get in contact another way, make a record of the game number, table name, time and date you played, along with your screen name, then click here for our support options. You may also request the hand history to review the games yourself.

Can I play at more than one table?

Yes, we allow you to play on up to two tables at any one time.

Are there any restrictions on how many chips I need to sit down?

Yes. You'll need to take ten times the higher stake amount to the table with you. For example, for a $10/$20 table you'll have to take at least $200 in chips with you. For pot limit and no limit tables, different buy-in rules may take effect.

Why can't I join a hand where I'd be the small blind?

Basically, it's one of two reasons. One, you've not paid the big blind and you're in either the small blind seat or the dealer seat. Second, you're a returning player who played some hands and posted blinds, but then sat out and missed blinds.

What are the rules for picking me up from a table when I'm sitting out?

Currently you'll be moved from a table if you sit out of ten consectutive hands.

How do blinds work in head-to-head (1 against 1) hands?

For head's up games, we handle the blinds in the same way as casinos do. The player on the dealer button posts the small blind, while the other player posts the big blind.

How are split pots handled?

We calculate split pots in real money games to the nearest even split (even down to the cent). There are times, however, when a completely even split isn't possible so any extra cents are awarded to the seats closest to the dealer position. As the dealer button rotates, this effectively means that the award of any extra cents is randomised and equalised over time.

What happens if I don't have enough money to call a bet?

When you don't have the money to call a bet, your remaining chips are placed in the pot and you're said to be "all-in". You can win all the money in the pot up to that point, but remaining players may continue betting, in which case a side-pot will be created. The all-in player cannot win money from this side pot.

Why do I sometimes not have the option to raise?

Each betting round is capped at four bets, or a bet and three raises. If there have been three raises before the betting gets to you, betting is said to have been capped. This is standard practice in casinos and poker rooms worldwide.

Under-raise: This occurs when a player raises a prior bet but has to go all-in to do so. If the player under-raising - going all-in to raise - has less than the expected raise for that betting round, the betting round is locked. The term locked here means that any player who has already acted in the round (checked, called, or raised) may no longer raise. They may only call or fold. However, players who have yet to act (betting has not reached them yet) may raise the expected raise for that betting round, after calling. If the under-raise is more than the expected raise, the lock rule does not apply.

How do you ensure fair play?

Collusion can be a problem in both real world and virtual poker rooms, and involves two or more players working together to gain an unfair advantage. Collusion, simply stated, is cheating and will not be tolerated and violators will be banished.

The good news is that our software is designed to detect collusive behaviour by monitoring playing patterns, who plays together, types of hands and how they're bet. We can't tell you of all the techniques used, but we're confident that our system is unmatched in its sophistication, and unlike human monitoring, infallible.

None the less, if you feel that you may have been the victim of collusion, please notify a host immediately using the Manager Chat tool.

What is dumping?

Dumping is an effort by two or more players to shift chips across accounts, and is usually associated with illegal behaviour. Our software monitors for dumping and we will fully cooperate with the proper authorities in the event that illegal behaviour is detected.

What happens to players caught cheating?

We don't tolerate cheating. Any player caught cheating will be suspended or barred from the poker room. Barrings and suspensions are at our complete and total discretion.

Why do you ask me if I'm sure I want to fold when I could check?

We want to make sure that you're aware that you can stay in the hand for free. If you're sure that you don't want this reminder you can disable it from the Options menu in the lobby.

What do I do if the table I want to play at is full?

Simply join the waiting list, and when a seat becomes available we will call you to your seat.

Am I playing against real people or a computer?

All the players that you see at Scarlet Poker are real people. We don't use any form of computerised "bots" or "shills".

Do you have an idea that would make the community and gaming experience better for everyone?

We want to hear it, so much so that we're offering 500 Action Points to players who email us with suggestions to improve the site and software. Just send your comments directly to or simply fill in our make-a-suggestion form.