Scarlet Poker is a community so remember that you're playing against real people from around the world. Don't hide behind your computer screen; get involved and meet people using the chat facility. It helps create a great atmosphere for games, and the more you play the more you'll get to know people. Is there any fiscal advantage to chatting? No. But does it make your games more enjoyable? Absolutely.

To chat to players seated at a table, simply type what you'd like to say in the box in the game chat window and press speak when you're done. Your chat will now appear in the Game Chat box for everyone to see. Bear in mind that everyone can see what you're saying, so please refrain from saying anything nasty, offensive, rude or cheating. If you do, one of our hosts will come and block your chat. And you don't want that.

One more thing before you run off to make new friends. While chatting is hardly difficult, here are a few commonly used chat abbreviations you'll see coming through.

Abbreviation Explanation
gg good game
gga good game all
btw by the way
gl good luck
nh nice hand
n1 nice one
vnh very nice hand
wp well played
wd well done
gp good play
lol laugh out loud
wb welcome back
tx thanks
ty thank you
gtg got to go
ul unlucky
vul very unlucky